Data Engineer

Data Engineer

The Trailmix team is small, highly motivated and entrepreneurial. We work collaboratively and effectively. We iterate fast and everyone contributes to solving problems and making high quality mobile games. We are based in Camden Town, one of the most exciting parts of Central London.

As our first data hire at Trailmix, you will be working with the team to design and build the analytics stack needed to power the analysis and reporting for our new mobile games; which you will then use to measure, improve and balance the games. You will plan and execute our data strategy which includes everything related to analytics and data science; from the tech and tools used to the set-up of the team and will be able to make an incredible impact on how the company manages data going forward.

This role is most interesting for you if you are

  • A senior analyst who is looking to step up to lead


  • A data team lead who wants to get back to bootstrapping from scratch again

Some of the day-to-day tasks include

  • Bootstrapping and running the data function

  • Spec’ing telemetry events & QA implementation

  • Designing & building warehouse table architecture

  • Working with our CTO to choose data tech stack and implement it

  • Answering ad-hoc data questions

  • Building out our KPI Dashboards for monitoring game performance

  • Working collaboratively with the development team to determine the key questions and find solutions

  • Running simulations, predictive modelling, forecasting etc

  • Hiring and onboarding new data hires as needed, to grow the team as the company grows

We, at Trailmix, are highly experienced in creating games that tens of millions of players love playing every day (Fruit Ninja, Farm Heroes Saga). We make data informed decisions to create the best possible user experiences for our players and we know how important it is to set data up in the right way to ensure that analysis and reporting can be done in an easy and extendable way. You are excited about working in a small team and very agile environment. You have high professional standards with good attention to quality and detail. You are a good communicator; especially face-to-face. You enjoy working collaboratively and iteratively to solve problems.

In order to excel in this role the following skills are essential:

  • Strong data engineering skills. You know how to:

    • Clean and aggregate in a methodical and consistent way

    • Work with big data scale (billions of rows)

    • Automate daily processing of data

    • Spot errors in data or processing and quickly fix them

    • Integrate 3rd party data feeds such as marketing attribution, app store sales reports etc

    • Decide on which analytics technologies to use for data collection, aggregation, data visualisations, etc, and help implement them

  • Strong data analysis skills. You know how to:

    • Work with raw data, sometimes “big data” scale

    • Work with messy data such as install attribution

    • Create easily interpretable data visualizations using BI tools such as Tableau

    • Be aware of bias in data and how to mitigate it

    • Design, run and analyze A/B tests

    • Answer adhoc queries quickly and efficiently

    • Pro-actively identify your own questions - what else should we be looking at?

    • Do Machine Learning and predictive modelling

    • Calculate lifetime values and forecast revenues

  • Specific technical skills

    • Experience with either R or Python for data science

    • Experience building KPI dashboards in a BI tool such as Tableau, Qlikview, Looker etc

    • Experience working with cloud infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud etc

    • Experience munging big data: EMR, Spark, Athena/Spectrum, Big Query etc

    • Working knowledge of Bash/Shell + experience working with remote servers

    • Experience using git or SVN for version control

    • Working with REST APIs to extract or load data

    • Have used scheduling tools such as Amazon Data Pipeline, Luigi, Cron etc

    • Working with JSON

  • Nice bonus skills

    • Worked in mobile free-to-play gaming

    • Love casual mobile games

    • Have managed a data science team before

    • Have hired data science people before

    • Have worked in an early stage startup

    • Have bootstrapped an analytics tech stack before

    • You understand how mobile ad attribution works