Game Developer (Unity)

Game Developer (Unity)

In this role, you will join our team of highly collaborative developers, working closely with other  disciplines to build mobile, free-to-play casual games. We are specifically looking for someone that knows Unity inside and out, and can bring their experience of best practices to complement ours.  You are comfortable with a wide range of tasks, from helping artists create UI and game animations, to building tools for designers and optimizing code for mobile platforms.

You love working closely with other disciplines to iterate on ideas rapidly, without too many specifications.  Our team tries out a lot of things before settling on what we think works, and we throw away far more than we keep.

You have high professional standards with good attention to quality and detail. You’re very organised and proactive and you are always keen to learn and improve your skills. We are a games company and we love to make and play casual games. In this role, you are at the heart of what makes a great game and what speaks to our players.

In order to excel in this role, the following traits are essential:

  • 4+ years experience writing code for games in Unity with C#

  • 2+ years making commercially successful mobile games, ideally casual, free to play

  • Ability to work very closely with other disciplines to iterate on gameplay and features

Some nice bonus skills include:

  • Worked on a top grossing mobile game

  • Experience in animation, 3D modeling and 2D art pipelines

  • Experience writing shaders for mobile platforms

  • Familiarity with build pipelines, automation and testing frameworks

  • Experience working in an agile environment as part of a diverse team

  • F2P mobile game experience throughout all stages of development, from concept through to working on live games.

  • Strong knowledge of C++

  • Backend development for mobile games, either custom or with BaaS platforms

  • Good knowledge of C# outside of Unity

  • A love for the mobile casual games market

The Trailmix team is small, highly motivated and entrepreneurial. We work collaboratively and effectively. We iterate fast and everyone contributes to solving problems and making high quality mobile games. We are based in Camden Town, one of the most exciting parts of Central London.